Welcome to ENG 270 Old Testament as Literature

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Old Testament as Literature.  This blog will be the home base for our class discussions, writing, reflection, assignments, and communication to an outside audience.  Especially if you are new to blogging or don’t usually read blogs, take some time to look around the website and see what’s here.

Jacob van Ruisdael's The Jewish Cemetery

You might be aware that digital communication and writing for online audiences is becoming an increasing part of our education and daily life experience.  To keep up with the way people are creating and exchanging information, many universities are changing the way writing instruction takes place.  The University of Kentucky is one such place, and within a couple of years a new curriculum that stresses online literacy will be the standard.  Therefore, in the Old Testament as Literature, we will begin participating in this brave new world of communication and learning.

Throughout the semester, each person will add to our discussions on this blog. In order to do this, you’ll need to register for a WordPress.com username if you don’t have one already.  I’ve sent an invitation to each person in the class.  Please accept it and register, or alternately, if you already have a WordPress account and prefer to use that one, let me know what the e mail address is that is attached to your account.

Your responses, topic proposals, brainstorms, drafts, and questions will all come in the form of a post on this website.  If you’ve never blogged before, you’ll want to read the guide to blogging posted above.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


About Andrew Battista

Andrew Battista is Librarian for Geospatial Information Systems at New York University
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