Snow Day and Week Ahead

Obviously,  the weather prohibited us from meeting in class this morning. We’ll move into our third week of classes without having had a full week, but that’s okay.  On Monday, we’ll briefly cover the contents of the Documentary Hypothesis and Source Criticism.  Since we won’t have too much time in class to discuss this, I strongly urge everyone to weigh in on the blog post below:  what is the significance and/or challenge(s) of interpreting the OT, now that we know something about its composition?  Do you buy into Friedman’s interpretation of the multiple sources?

Most importantly, now would be a good time to take inventory of the characteristics of each writer (J, E, and P; we’ll get to D later).  What does each writer value, and how does each writer express the relationship between God and human beings distinctly?

Click on for more important announcements.Blog Authors

If you have not yet done so, create a WordPress account and accept the invite to be a blog author.  Remember that there are bonuses for people whose posts get the most hits, the most “likes,” and are the highest rated.  Top commentors get a bonus as well.  All the more reason to write and spread the word.

See the other posts for the upcoming week’s reading schedule and supplementary documents.  Enjoy the snowy weekend!


About Andrew Battista

Andrew Battista is Librarian for Geospatial Information Systems at New York University
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