Joseph: The Most Gentle Revenge.

“Just because you wouldn’t feed a baby to a bear doesn’t mean you know right from wrong.” – Me.

Joseph is a shining example, to me, of someone who has the knowledge to differentiate between right and wrong. More importantly, however, he has the discipline to act on what is right, even if the principles of justice would allow him to get revenge.

Joseph’s brothers steal his clothes, throw him in a hole, and sell him to the Ishmaelites. As far as good brothers go, they aren’t in my top 5 desired brothers.

All of that is just the preface for learning about Joseph though.

The first thing that suggests anything about Joseph’s character is when he tells his brothers about his dream of his dominance over them, in Genesis 37, 5-8. To prevent this, they sell him to the Ishmaelites which eventually promotes the fulfillment of this prophetic dream.

What I really want to focus on in my prospectus, though, is the fact that when his time comes to get revenge on his brothers, Joseph essentially pranks them in a couple of different ways, withholding his identity and planting some of his riches in his youngest brother’s luggage, causing him to be seized. It’s very important to see that all Joseph’s superficial revenge was ultimately harmless. He eventually gets to see his dad and his brothers again, all on good terms and gets to be a family with them again.
In my paper I will observe the moral pressure and implications of Joseph’s journey’s exposition, the journey itself, his brothers actions and mindsets, and Joseph’s hierarchical empowerment by the Pharaoh and how those factors effect Joseph and his morals and decisions.

Nailed it.

A "portrait" of Joseph tending to sheep.


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2 Responses to Joseph: The Most Gentle Revenge.

  1. Ben Ward says:


    Sounds like a good start to a potentially comical and yet fulfilling topic. It is interesting to me the spin that you played on the subject, juxtaposing what his brothers due to him on a more cruel level, and then what Joseph does to his brother more subtly and for different reasons. I hope that you can find a lot good sources, and I am sure that you have. I would suggest the academic search premier or any of the other source searches through our UK libraries website! Good luck on your paper and your research.

    Take care,


  2. oliviag55 says:

    This is a great, specific subject! I’ve always been intrigued by Joseph’s actions toward his brothers, especially as to why he feels the need to frame his youngest brother. And why, if he was so righteous, did he let Simeon sit in prison for months while the other brothers journeyed home (Gen 42:24)? It seems like the whole episode could have been resolved much quicker, and without as much pain, if Joseph had just been honest when his brothers first came to him. I think it would be good to compare Jacob to other major biblical characters and see how they are similar or dissimilar. Is Jacob the run on the mill Biblical character who follows God and tries to do right but still majorly screws it up? Or is he a little more righteous than, say Moses, or his father, Jacob. A little less righteous?

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