Reading Focus: 1 Samuel 18-23; 2 Samuel 1. We’ve already seen how clothes function as a metaphors in the Joseph cycle.  The motif appears again in 1 Samuel (in many places, but most notably when David and Jonathan exchange clothing as a sign of their affection for one another).

The relationship between David and Jonathan has drawn a great deal of speculation and commentary. What is the nature of their friendship?

How does the clothing motif alter our reading of this friendship and our reading of the rest of the Saul-David account?

Is this a question of homosexual or homosocial attraction between David and Jonathan?

What is the cultural function of homosocial bonds?  Think again in the realm of film.

For an interesting discussion of the role of the homosocial trope in our culture today, consider listening to Slate’s Culture Gabfest. They discuss I Love You, Man and bromance.


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Andrew Battista is Librarian for Geospatial Information Systems at New York University
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