Ruffing Project, Judges and Modern History

My paper consists of an argument that the book of judges resonates with modern historiography and that the personal flaws in the judges (Gideon and Samson in particularO) resemble those of modern era historical figures (Robespierre and Napoleon Respectively.) Although I would like as much feedback as I can get, I would like to have some advice as to how I can improve.

These are the issues I am having trouble with.

1. I feel my argument for Samson’s arrogance can be strengthened and would like to know how I could do this.

2. I have some issues with the MLA format but am correcting it as we speak, the incorrect parenthetical citations in the paper that reference titles rather than author are primarily for my own reerence while also still providing for the reader being able to understand how I am using my sources. Also, I have misplaced one of my sources on my computer somewhere and thus one parenthetical citation called (fulerton) is not referring to what is currently present in my current bibliography but this will be remedied.

3. I feel that my writing has been rather clear but if there are weak points in my discussion, please point them out to me, particularly if something does not make sense to you.

Thank you for your time.

judges and modern history

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