What’s in a Name?

Hey guys so a few questions after reading my rough draft…

1. Which character do you think I should focus on for the macrocosm/microcosm relationship? (Abraham, Sarah, or Jacob)

2. Do you think I should elaborate on the fact that someone across the world is trying to unite my family on the sole basis of our last names?

3. Any comments or suggestions about what I need to add or remove to make my paper more cohesive and flow a lot better?

Thanks for your time!

What’s in a Name?


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She is a sophomore at UK and majoring in kinesiology and pre-physical therapy. She loves to play volleyball and also loves to hang out with her family and friends!
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1 Response to What’s in a Name?

  1. zacharyruffing says:

    This is a well-thought out paper, however, you spend too little time disscussing the name changes in the Bible themselves. Your background information is good and useful to your paper but it takes up too much space in it. At first I thought that your portion on you relative trying to find all the members of your family was ill-placed but then saw the wisdom you practiced in adding it to your paper. You don’t really explain Jacob’s name change particularly thoroughly so if you want to get suggestions as to which one you should use, use the Abraham one as a microcosm-macrocosm argument, something you have already accomplished. Your use of sources is exceptionally adept and I feel you should have an easy time achieving a high grade on this assignment.

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