The New Halakah

The New Halakah

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  1. Ben Ward says:


    First of all, I just wanted to say that your topic is very interesting. It comes off that it really is not debated often and despite its importance and obvious relation to the modern age, flies under the radar when considering biblical issues applicable today.

    To answer your questions:

    1. Does the essay properly portray the importance of involving the religious sector in with environmentalist groups?

    I think you have clearly identified the issue and, for me at least, really stated its importance. Now for the big question: So what? I think in moving forward with your essay, it would be great to think about the evidence and how you can support a very clear thesis with a very dense amount of background and discussion. You gave a few accounts from the text, but I feel like the outside research is not completely balanced. If possible, look further and really find some more accounts on it all. I would suggest using some of Dr. Gerstenfeld’s research if at all possible.

    2. Should the focus of the essay be more on the biblical interpretation, or the outcome of such interpretation?

    I think it definitely needs a clear balance of both. Sort of taking the facts and drawing your own conclusions from them is really the purpose of all of this. Here, the biblical interpretation is your primary source, and the outcome is your findings and responses to them and the other sources.

    Hope this was at least a bit of a help. Best of luck finishing!

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