Psychological effects of Father/Daughter interaction

ENG 270 Lot and daughters

My rough draft today is more like a mix of a draft and an outline. I have some book sources I plan on using and still have more researching to do.

A couple things I could use some help with:

1) I need more sources in regards to male and female relationships, as well as an analysis of sexual trauma as a cause for degrading sexual practices, such as stripping. Someone had suggested this idea on my prospectus, but I’m not aware of the sources which may cover this topic. Any suggestions?

2) Are there other points I should include which are not already there? And is there a specific point already made that particularly compels you that maybe I should go into more depth about?

3) Any kind of feedback you have will be of great help….I know it’s not much so far, but any and all feedback is welcome; please do not hold back.

Also, looking back at my notes just now, there is one point I did not include that I want to further explore. A couple years ago, I had seen an episode of Oprah where two women were sisters, but were also mother and daughter, as a result of an incestuous relationship with their father.


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2 Responses to Psychological effects of Father/Daughter interaction

  1. Da'Keisha Jett says:

    Hello there,

    I found some good sources you should look into on Ebsco host

    “The importance of fathers in relation to their daughters’ psychosexual development.”

    “The symbolism of the story of Lot and his wife: The function of the ‘present relationship’ and non-interpretative aspects of the therapeutic relationship in facilitating change.”

  2. bethanyschuler says:

    I think the topics you plan on writing about are some good ones. I’m really interested to see what parallels you make from the Lot Complex to the stories about the bad relationships, like the first female serial killer. I also think you’re idea to talk about the Oprah episode is a great idea because that story seems so interesting although it’s really messed up. I don’t even know how that is possible, but that would be something I would like to read. I think that you should state the idea or reason behind your paper earlier, because as I was reading I wasn’t sure what point you were trying to get across. Again, good start and I think you have some interesting stories to develop.

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