Rough Draft 1: War and the Old Testament

Some questions I would propose to my reviewers:

1. As I was writing, I felt as if my topic is a bit broad and might limit just how cohesive it is   as a whole. I have obviously spent a lot more time reading and gathering sources for this project, than actually putting all of my ideas onto paper. Do you feel like because it the concept of war does indeed involve such a diverse and massive amount of information I should maybe narrow it down a bit?

2. Although I was able to cite and use the required amount of sources for this research essay, I was not able to check out Peter C. Craigie’s “The Problem of War in the Old Testament” among a few others from the Lexington Theological Seminary library. I believe that they could be among the most crucial of sources that I can explore as my essay progresses. So for the next draft of the essay, I will definitely include a bit of investigation of this sources over Spring Break. Maybe the major amount of sources I have found and not yet used have led me to believe that it is getting to be “too much”?

3. I believe that the Biblical source should be the most developed and clearly presented. Are there any other major biblical text I could utilize in my investigation?

4.* After thinking long through the process of writing, I have revisited the first question presented here and I am considering possibly scrapping the more “modern” approach to the text, in relating the “just war” theory and the research done by Michael Butler. Just second guessing the inclusion, not that it is not relevant, but that there is such a vast amount of commentary on the biblical text alone. I am leaning towards more of a selected biblical text + critical response to that structure.

Here is my rough draft! Thank you for reading.


About Ben Ward

Ben Ward is sophomore at the University of Kentucky, majoring in Architecture and minoring in English.
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2 Responses to Rough Draft 1: War and the Old Testament

  1. This is a good start. You have a lot of solid information here. Some things to think about: I like the move into just war theory. You might want to examine this more, show where it comes from, and show how people talk about it today in the context of modern warfare. Are these discussions valid to you?

    In general, you have a lot of citations of critics here, and it’s a bit hard at times to get a sense of your own voice and your own take on these matters. Rather then trying to write a whirlwind paper and include every great idea you come across, pull back a bit and spend more time interacting with these sources in your own words. Everything is condensed right now, and you only have 6 or so pages. I’m sure that you can take more time and expand on your ideas.

    Finally, I would be intentional about which texts you will isolate, spend more time with them, and explain why your focus is as such. This needs to be a little clearer. Good start overall!

  2. jtb31 says:

    Ben, you have a good start on your essay, over halfway complete! I like the usage of sources, they support your claims well. I agree with Andrew, in that at times it seems that you are just using sources and not your own voice, thoughts, and ideas; these are important for making your paper more of your own and less of a ‘research paper.’ As far as Biblical texts, the Old Testament is full of war stories. You could even use some texts we haven’t read yet later in the OT. I think it would also be good if you compared and brought in some of the modern day struggles/wars to emphasize that your points and claims were valid in history and still are today. Hope this helps. Jordan

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