Sleeping to Dream

Attached is my rough draft for our research paper. I know that it is not near my complete and final draft, but I would like to hear your input on it anyways. I haven’t written a paper like this in a while, so I’m aware that things may seem out of order (or may not even be relevant to my paper as a whole), but let me know if you think there is something that I should fix. Also, I still need to do more research on Freud’s analysis on Dream Therapy so I can incorporate it into my paper as well. I also was wondering if anyone had any ideas or different ways to look at the Joseph cycle and how to interpret what each set of dreams mean. I was having some trouble finding academic sources that related to that! Thanks!


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3 Responses to Sleeping to Dream

  1. Da'Keisha Jett says:

    So far so good! My paper was on the same topic until I changed it last week. I like how your paper flows together, some good sources you could incorporate are When does a dream begin to ‘have meaning’? Linguistic constraints and significant moments in the construction of the meaning of a dream. Spiritual and Nonspiritual Approaches to Dream Work: Effects on Clients Well-Being. They can be found in EBSCOHOST.

  2. Brandon Nelson says:

    I think that the developing section on dream interpretation allows for an interesting discussion that ties in well with your topic. Freud definitely had a lot to say about dreams, and the idea that dream interpretation is a divine gift rather than something that can be logically analyzed (or vice versa) is worth investigating.

    The ‘Harry Potter’ section was a bit odd, but it was easy to follow because I am a fan as well. I don’t know how I feel about the comparison of the characters of God and Voldemort or how it adds to your argument.

  3. spgi222 says:

    This is a great topic and i think it is a very strong paper. You could incorporate some research in on the biology involved with dreams. I enjoyed reading the Harry potter section but i think it needs a little more support and connection to the rest of what your are trying to say.

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