Struggles in Developing Monotheistic Worship

Things to help me with:

I have too much information to sift through.  I would like to narrow the topic just a bit, which areas should I develop and what could I do without?

I would also like to include more recent information.  I have some that I have not included in my paper, but any additional advice would be helpful.

I am trying to focus on the people as a whole and not point blame in any direction.  If you see problem areas, please tell me.

lit 270

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1 Response to Struggles in Developing Monotheistic Worship

  1. Brandon Nelson says:

    You’ve done a lot of research into your topic and it shows, but I also agree that you should narrow the topic down a bit.

    I enjoyed how you went through a quick history of Israel pointing out instances where polytheism and monotheism clash. Your reasoning (surrounded by pagans, women seeking a more feminine god, etc.) makes a lot of sense, but it is a really broad subject.

    While it is useful to mention these influences, I would suggest focusing on one. For example, use the stories of Jacob’s daughter or other women, and your own/sources’ insight into their idolatry to explain why they did such things. This might help you eliminate certain stories that contain idolatry, but aren’t necessarily concerned with your discussion.

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