What it Means to Be Unclean

Here is my rough draft.

Holiness in Leviticus

Below are some questions I have for readers:

1.) What do you think my purpose is? Do I get my point across?

2.) I included a couple of paragraphs of background information about the types of law and the P writer. Do these help to support my point or should they be removed?

3.) How do you feel about my suggestion that holiness is a universal theme and not limited to those with religious affiliation?

Hope you enjoy my essay. Please leave suggestions by commenting.


About Brandon Nelson

Brandon is a sophomore Biochemistry major at the University of Kentucky. He likes to play soccer and guitar in his free time and one day hopes to be a pediatrician.
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3 Responses to What it Means to Be Unclean

  1. S.Donoho says:

    This is an interesting topic. Your paper has a good flow and is easy to read.
    I’m not really sure though, where the different types of laws (causistic and apodictic) tie in to the rest of your paper.
    Also consider bringing in view points from todays society (expand on your last paragraph and incorporate it into the body); does God’s law seem excessive or insufficient to people today?
    Your second to last paragraph “… for the Israelites and all humanity to be aware of the attributes that a holy creature should possess…” is really strong and made me think about social laws that everyone knows they should follow vs. those laws that are not agreed upon by everyone.

  2. suzimills says:

    You have a great paper. I think your purpose if to show that most people desire ‘holiness’, whether or not they believe in a god. And the laws described in Lev. are just the Israelites way of achieving it. God separated good and evil, then chose Israel, so Israel separated themselves from the cultures around them.
    To help surport your arguement on how all men desire ‘holiness’ you can show how another religion achieves it, like Buddist (even though I know you are trying to show even people without religion seek holiness). And also how even some of the oldest laws ever written concerned much of the same ideas. (Laws 0f Hammurabi)

  3. spgi222 says:

    Great start to your paper. Your strongest argument should be in the paws and how they strip unholiness from God’s people. I think incorportaing other religious and cultural beliefs about cleanliness would also help bring clarity to your message. You could also tie these laws into how our laws work today and compare/contrast the similarities in concepts of holiness and cleanliness between the different times.

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