Weekend Announcements

Happy post-spring break, everyone! I hope we all took the prophet Isaiah’s advice to heart:  “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.”  Here are a few things to keep in mind as we get back into the rhythm of the semester.

1.  Peer Review on Monday:  Remember that I will be out of town tomorrow, and my colleague, Leah Bayens, will be facilitating peer review in class.  Please come prepared with a hard copy of your draft.  Note that the price of admission to this class is a complete, hard copy of the rough draft.  We’ll be paring up into groups of 2, reading each others’ essays, and offering feedback.

2.  Blog interactions:  Remember to continue the discussions on the blog.  It’s never too late to log on and leave some feedback.  I have looked at several essays so far, but if you have specific questions about your draft, please let me know and I’ll take a look at what you have.  Remember, the final draft is due in class on Wednesday, March 30, or a little over one week from now.

3.  Midterm reports:  Please take these reports to heart.  There’s still time to write your articles for the blog and fulfill this component of the course grade.

4.  Extra credit:  Last week, I indicated that for those unhappy with your midterm exam for any reason will have a chance to add 20 percentage points to it by completing an additional assignment.  The details are in.  You are to do a “links roundup,” a rapid fire blog post in which you index a range of intersections between the Old Testament and contemporary news or culture.  I have posted a sample here, and the full assignment description is posted here (MS Word file download).  Do let me know if you have any questions.  When you post your own, please use the category “Links Roundup.”

About Andrew Battista

Andrew Battista is Librarian for Geospatial Information Systems at New York University
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