David and Jonathan: Impact on Today’s Culture

We talked about the impact of David and Jonathan’s “bromance” relationship in class, but I thought it would be interesting to see the real impact on today’s culture. First, I was to start off with a great clip from Scrubs called “Guy Love”. JD and Turk have a reputation of being “lovers”, although their just extremely close friends, close enough to sing about it.

Although the residents at Sacred Heart (the place where JD and Turk work) are alright with their affection, other people in the world take a homosexual relationship or action very seriously. According to NBC Philadelphia, a 28 year old man was actually accused of stoning a 70 year old man just because he thought that the older man made a “sexual advance towards him”. His reasoning for this outrageous action was that he was just “simply following the Bible’s directions to kill “homosexuals””.

Since the story of David and Jonathan is the “only gay relationship” in the Bible, people tend to take it very seriously. The BBC decided to make this claim on the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. Nick Benson points out the history of homosexual relationships or how homosexual people were treated throughout time (well beginning when homosexuality first started arising). Not in that article though, about the history of prejudice, is today’s prejudice against homosexuals. Recently, Apple created an app called “gay cure” which was launched by a ministry that thought homosexuals should see a cures for their homosexuality. Apple recently removed the app saying that the app “violates our developed guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people”. Some celebrities, like former SNL cast member Victoria Jackon, are speaking out against homosexual acts even on TV. She was recently interviewed on Showbiz Tonight where she said that the recent kiss/make out session between two homosexual characters on Glee was “sickening”. She said that she can’t find any show on TV that is appropriate enough to allow her daughter to watch. There’s also a Cathedral that has recently banned participating homosexual behavior. Some of the members apparently weren’t too happy about it, but the Cathedral wanted them to “model a Biblical lifestyle”. The mission of the church is to preach “ways that would lift people up and build their faith”. So they had good intentions, but some of the members were still not approving of the ban.

But, there are some supporters out there. In Delaware, a Senate member sponsored a bill that would recognize same sex marriages. In the hearing, they had many people speak out, one which included a Reverend and a county policeman. Unfortunately, the bill was rejected. Also, there’s an openly homosexual bishop that spoke to a group of people about the issue. He said that the issue is getting better for the homosexual community, but a lot of work still has to do to help them out. Also, an article from The Baltimore Sun states the fact that it’s the 21st century and that “it’s time to use some common sense”. It also basically says that unless you want to be judged, don’t go around judging everyone else.

So there are still mixed feelings about this issue in our culture today, but it seems like we’re at least on the path to accepting homosexuals and their lifestyle.


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She is a sophomore at UK and majoring in kinesiology and pre-physical therapy. She loves to play volleyball and also loves to hang out with her family and friends!
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  1. “There’s an app for that.” Unreal! There’s a lot of good artifacts here…

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