Link round up: Psalms 139

Lately around campus there has been a lot of abortion awareness which is impossible to miss. I personally didn’t get involved in what was going on around campus nor did I ask any questions. The point I am making is that abortion is an everyday problem in America, you either love it or hate it. There truly is no in-between no matter if you are Christian or not you do hold a stand on this issue. There are many questions that arise with this issue and to answer these many look to Psalms 139.

Over the last few days of class we have been analyzing psalms, a very complex book in the Old testament. The passages throughout Palms can be thought of with having many different meanings. Psalms 139 is a passage that many look at as saying abortion is wrong, and that it is murder. There are many different opinions from people who have studied this passage and many different ways this passage is used.

Southern Baptist convention’s ethics & Religious Liberty Commission have created the Psalms 139 project to try and stop abortions by allowing the mother to see her baby while it is in the womb. This organization believes that by saving these lives they will be able to make the world a better place by not taking a human life. When these people make the choice to not abort it makes it possible for them to show their view, a view through the eyes of a survivor.

While there are many groups who hold their beliefs for this issue, many churches also have strong opinions on this topic also. One online bible ministry holds their beliefs with abortion through a few simple ideals. Other churches like to use bible verses as reasoning behind their beliefs, you can see this as early in the Old Testament as Exodus 21:22-23, this saying that a man should be punished if abortion is induced. Not only does the church use the Old Testament to back up their reasoning for their beliefs but so do many individuals. Rich Deem says that the bible explains that the entire life of a human is sacred, from beginning to end. His well explained stance on his belief is supported through his article. The church and such people as Rich Deem may be pro-life, there are also the people who are pro-choice and they too have their reasons. Pastor Rich Boercle of Bethany Baptist church says he is pro-life but gives reason for why women do choose abortion.

The questions of whether or not abortion is right or wrong will never truly be answered. Everyone will still have their beliefs relate and these beliefs back to the verse Psalms 139 as their backing for their belief. There will always be people such as Don W. Robertson of Faith Community church who believe Psalms and the Old Testament clearly says abortion is wrong.

Is abortion wrong? Do we have Gods finger prints all over us, is that why abortion should be outlawed? No one will ever truly know.

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One Response to Link round up: Psalms 139

  1. This is not one of those issues in which we can retreat into the “everyone’s got an opinion” type of relativism that we see on cable news networks when the hosts want us to get out of thinking critically. Abortion is not a “love it or hate it” issue. No one loves abortion, no one loves to have abortions, and no one can dismiss the effects of them. Yet no one loves fragmented families, abuse, etc. Think about the long view as you synthesize these links

    What does it mean to equate abortion to “genocide” politically and socially? How can advocacy groups like what we saw on campus last week get away with their displays? Is there a place for it?

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