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God’s Justice in the Form of Natural Disasters? (Group Prospectus)

The term theodicy comes from the Greek ‘theos’ meaning god, plus ‘dike’ meaning justice, so theodicy literally means god’s justice.  Is it appropriate for us to consider the possibility that each tsunami, earthquake, tornado, flood, drought, or storm is God passing … Continue reading

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Group Prospectus: Natural and Humanistic Evil

The Book of Job provides a paradigmatic lens with which to consider the existence of both natural calamity and human atrocity through the occurrence of each within the story. Similar examples of each type of disaster in modern history are … Continue reading

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Social Justice in the Prophets (Group Prospectus)

The prophets of the Old Testament convey what many find to be an agenda for social justice. Throughout the prophetic works there are several instances of reproach on poor care of the underprivileged and maldistribution of wealth. 1) We will … Continue reading

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An evil nature

Throughout the Old Testament, and all around us today, we see what we would call evil things happening. Whether it’s God’s wrath upon a group of people in the OT or a tsunami killing thousands of people along a coast, … Continue reading

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