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Multimodal Products: Ideas for Final Essay Project

As a part of your final essay project, you are to compile and produce some multi-modal artifact, a video, an audio file, a photo essay, or something of the sort that can be circulated on this blog.  The artifact must … Continue reading

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Time is Short: Weekend Announcements

Happy Sunday evening everyone. Please read through this list of announcements to keep track of what’s going on in class during this last week of primary reading. 1.  Group prospectuses should have been posted on Friday.  I’m in the process … Continue reading

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Eroticism and the Song of Songs

When we encounter the Song of Songs, we read a strange book that seems to lie outside of the Old Testament’s theological triangle.  The Song is a compilation of erotic poetry.  At times it gets pretty explicit, or at least … Continue reading

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Late Semester Exam Extra Credit Advance

At the end of next week, we will be having our late semester exam.  Study guide to follow.  In case you are interested in public discussions about theology, justice, and the Old Testament, and if you are interested in gaining … Continue reading

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Technicalities of the Book of Job

As we continue reading through Job for next class, we will encounter a few new interesting moments found within the text. The majority of the speeches offer great insight into the general questions posed about evil and human suffering we … Continue reading

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Job, its many purposes and why it is a Wisdom piece

The Book of Job is one of the most well-known instances of a book attempting to explain the existence of evil in the world. In this story, Job, a man who is near perfect and is the paragon of human … Continue reading

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