Eroticism and the Song of Songs

When we encounter the Song of Songs, we read a strange book that seems to lie outside of the Old Testament’s theological triangle.  The Song is a compilation of erotic poetry.  At times it gets pretty explicit, or at least explicit for what we expect in the Old Testament.  The overt sexuality of the Song has made many readers blush, and it has caused others to wonder why this book is even in the Old Testament at all.

Anyone who can figure out what this is has a good chance of understanding the challenge of reading the Song of Songs

What is the place of the Song of Songs in the Old Testament canon?

In what way(s) is the Song a difficult book to read?  How has it traditionally been interpreted?  What impulses shape the way the Song has been interpreted over time?


About Andrew Battista

Andrew Battista is Librarian for Geospatial Information Systems at New York University
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