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Job: The one to question God. Why do we suffer?

The biggest question for most religious people, or for anyone who knows of the bible is why does God let innocent suffer. Why do the people who try to be good and follow what has been said in the bible have … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastes ch3 (links roundup)

Recently in class we have discussed the significance of the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament.   I wanted to know what people are saying about chapter 3 these days and in recent history. Let’s start with it’s most … Continue reading

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Song of Songs: PG-13?

“Your navel is like a round goblet–Let mixed wine not be lacking! Your belly like a heap of wheat hedged about with lilies.  Your breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle.” If I were to tell you that … Continue reading

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A Far Cry from Erotic Love

Song of Songs was thought to be a story of gods and goddesses as would have been reflective in Mesopotamia.  It was even thought to have been written by a woman.  But scholarship authority now tends to accept that it … Continue reading

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