Job: The one to question God. Why do we suffer?

The biggest question for most religious people, or for anyone who knows of the bible is why does God let innocent suffer. Why do the people who try to be good and follow what has been said in the bible have to suffer? Job a man who fears everything of God, is scared to do him wrong, why does he have to suffer? Out of everyone Job is the only one to keep his word with God, yet he loses everything. After Job lost his children, possessions, and became so ill he didnt want to live anymore he still didnt insult or blame God for what was happening. Even with everything happening and the friends of Job telling him to blame God for what had happened he still wouldnt. Was this a test by God to see how loyal Job was, or is God as evil as the friends of Job had said? Even if this was a test why would God go so far as killing off his own people (Jobs children) to test one who follows him.

The astonishing thing to think about is how does someone who does receive answers from god but also loses everything he owns, sheep, oxen, servants, children. Even with al these loses Job does not become angry with why its him he chooses instead of his friends who continually tell Job to blame and become angry with God for punishing him for doing nothing wrong. Job explains this in Job 27:1-6( By God who has deprived me of justice!By shaddai who has embittered my life! As long as there is life in me, and God’s breath is in my nostrils, My lips will speak no wrong…ect)

 Now today it i very hard to find someone like Job in this day and age. People for some reason believe that if they know God then everything in their life should go as they want. Most these people who think like this consider themselves very religious, even though they curse and say harmful words towards God when all goes wrong. Some could say that the natural disasters lately could be God acting out towards these people to show them to never swear his name. These disasters might not be on the same scale or pinpointed as they were with Job but they are truly the same. While Job lost his animals, family, and servants the people in these natural disasters lose the same, and you could possibly say they get back their things the same.

After all the Job has gone through God then gives Job back his material possessions in Job 42:10-11 “The LORD restored Job’s fortunes when he prayed on behalf of his friends, and the LORD gave Job twice what he had before.”  Not only does Job get his things back but so do the people who loses everything in the natural disasters. But it still makes no sense why God would have people suffer then return everything to them after having them suffer through the worst. Some could think that God makes people suffer to have them become closer to him. After losing everything, having nothing else to hold on to who or where would you go? Maybe God believes by putting people in these situations they’ll have no other choice but to come and ask him to help. With these people coming to God for help he is able to gain their trust by helping them when they have no desire for life. When the light at the end of the tunnel is closing anything positive is emphasized greatly, meaning that when God helps these people he sucks them into following him. This could be one reason for God making us suffer.

There are many different reasons people believe in for God making people suffer, from good or bad it doesnt matter. You may consider this a very evil way for the one who is supposed to save all humans to gain believers, but maybe this is just the best way for him to show humans what he can do. I mean in the end it all works out and you get everything back if you follow what he says, so its not all that evil… The reason for why these things are done, why humans suffer or why anything bad happens will never be known, but that doesnt mean opinions cant be formed.

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