MLK seminar

When going to the seminar today I had no idea what to expect, and upon arriving I still wasnt quite sure what to expect. This seminar was to teach and recognize what had been done by Dr. King. Along with recognizing Dr. King the MLK cultural center at the university expressed their goals for the coming years and also who their new scholar was. However the main focus of this seminar was told by Dr. James Cone but there was another speaker as well who expressed how king would not like the way that America is mostly ran by a few people instead of by everyone which was one of Dr. kings philosophies. For one of the first times during this semester this statement did catch me off guard, with knowing that was big into creating everyone equal this would make everyone have the same “power”.

In the seminar they would relate MLK to the prophet Amos who both believed in equal justice for everyone. One of MLK’s biggest goals was to make even the poor equal to the rich. Before he died he was planning a march with poor blacks and whites, this would have possibly caused drastic changes in the social totem pole, that is in a good way. However we will never know this, it seems that one who stand up for what they believe in are always brought down before they get a chance to finish. But like the Bible people still read and discuss what MLK has done making it possible for the goals he set out to be achieved. MLK the prophet of the current day, alive or dead.

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