Song of Solomon and Marriage: Links round up

“Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon pointing toward Damascus”

EXCUSE ME? This video is of a pastor who is humorously describing the woman to which Solomon is singing to when he is “complimenting” her beauty.

The words of song of Solomon are unrelatable today. Yet that has not ceased people from trying to understand and interpret the poems. Early Chrsitian thinkers have been the origin from whence interpreting the meaning began.  Even Origen (185-254) offered his insights and explanations of Song of Solomon.

This book, which post preachers don’t touch with a 10-foot pole , because of the incapability to confidently understand its meaning, was the foundation of the Early Christian theologians such as Abrose, and Augustine, when is come to the Ascent of the soul.

Today this portion of scripture is more commonly used in Christian circles to help advance, propose, correct, edify, and council marragies. This sounds a bit unnecessary, but who could really blame them for trying to change the stats of our divorce rates in America. Something has to be done to ensure you won’t become another one of those discouraging statistics.

The ever popular advice columns of Dr Phil, Oprah, or even televangilsts like Joel Osteen are not improving our divorce rates, so we have to look else where since the ‘doctors of love’ do not have the adequate equipment to heal our love sick wounds. Why not turn to the bible, and specifically Song of Songs, the most intimate and exciting book in the Old Testament

Besides attempting to understand the poetic translations, Drama, like this musical, has decided to utilize it and just take it as is; embracing the uncertainty and strangeness of the text, trying to offer a more realistic light of the scenario as it would have been ages ago when written.

In short, this book has been used in ever aspect of society, and will continue to be the source of entertainment, instruction, and even on the side a bit of humor.


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I am going into my senior year of college at the University of Kentucky this fall as a Chemistry major. I took a job as a photographer for a day camp over the summer. But I'm studying Thai culture abroad in Bangkok this fall. My life is random. My life is good.
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  1. Now you know where I get my teaching inspiration from (re: that video)!

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