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Links Roundup: Hineni and its modern uses

Earlier in the semester, we talked about the word “Hineni” used by figures in the Hebrew Bible to say “Here I am”. There are two ways to say “I’m here” in Hebrew. The first is “poh”. This would be used … Continue reading

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Purim and How it Changes Everything

In class on Friday, we talked about the Book of Esther. As we discussed, the book has been seen as sort of a canonized justification for the Jewish holiday Purim.If we choose to accept this idea, then the Book of Esther is … Continue reading

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Extra Credit: Let Justice Roll Down

Many others have basically summed up all of the observations and main points of the lecture. So, something I thought might be interesting to do while at the lectures, was to make a list of anything that any speakers mentioned … Continue reading

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Instructions for Monday & Wednesday, With Other Announcements

Remember that on Monday and Wednesday, we will not be meeting in our regular room.  Instead, we’ll be meeting in the Young Library to conference and work on our group projects.  Attendance is still required for everyone.  Here’s what we’ll … Continue reading

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Late Semester Exam Study Guide

This post is just a friendly reminder that we’ll be having our “Late Semester Exam” this coming Friday, April 22.  You may be dissatisfied that we’re having such a substantial exam—a comprehensive exam that’s worth 20 percent of your class … Continue reading

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