Instructions for Monday & Wednesday, With Other Announcements

Remember that on Monday and Wednesday, we will not be meeting in our regular room.  Instead, we’ll be meeting in the Young Library to conference and work on our group projects.  Attendance is still required for everyone.  Here’s what we’ll do.

1.  I’ll be sitting in a table in the Young Library basement.  Everyone should come by and check in at the start of the class to let me know that you’re here.  Once you check in, find your group and use the time to work on your project, plan for your presentation, etc.

2.  For the first 25 mins., I’ll meet with Group One. Then, for the rest of the time, I’ll meet with Group 2.  Wednesday’s schedule will be similar; I’ll meet with Group 3 and then Group 4.  Group 5, please confer with me about a meeting time.

Official listings of the groups

Group 1:  Ashley Lee, Da’Keisha Jett, Brandon Nelson, Susan Donahue, and Suzi Mills (Mon.)

Group 2:  Jordan Barton, Michael Thompson, Kevin Rooney, Ben Ward, and Leah Watkins (Mon.)

Group 3:  Pam Shaugnessy, Joey Brown, Olivia Gardner, Chris Taylor, Zachary Ruffing, and Cassie Weidner (Wed.)

Group 4:  Mary Sticklen, Bethany Schuler, Kristina Strine, Taylor Johnson, and Matt Thomas (Wed.)

Group 5:  Sean Gillespie and Corey Smith (TBA)

What to bring and how to prepare

Your group should have a printed copy of your rough draft, including a bibliography.  The draft should be a cohesive document.  You should also have a tentative outline of your presentation, your strategies for engaging the class, and a sample of your multi-media project in the making.  If you have questions about how to work technology, bring your computers/files/documents/ or whatever else you have.  Come with questions!

Finally, for your downloading convenience, I have provided a set of presentation guidelines for the end of semester project.


About Andrew Battista

Andrew Battista is Librarian for Geospatial Information Systems at New York University
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2 Responses to Instructions for Monday & Wednesday, With Other Announcements

  1. Ben Ward says:

    “We talkin’ ’bout practice!”. Well played! Hahaha

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