Group 3 Video

This video was made to supplement the presentation my group and I made. Our topic was social injustice, how it relates to the old testament and how it relates to the modern day world. Our prime example of social injustice is the government in Haiti. More than a few of their presidents/dictators took a lot of money from the Haitian people. This shows corruption to the society. The purpose of the government is to take care of its people but instead people are left hungry, in poverty and with unstable building structures, which in turn made the earthquake in Haiti that much more of a disaster than it should have been.

Scripture is used from the prophets Ezekiel and Isaiah. Credits for the video portion go to other youtubers, including voice over from the irritated haitian. Enjoy 🙂

Group members: Cassie, Zachary, Olivia, Joey, Pam, and Chris


About cmweid2

I'm a Junior and Art Studio major. I LOVE music and am trying to learn guitar. I love the hot bring it on summer!!
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