Group 1: Social Justice

The prophets of the OT often spoke of ‘social justice,’ the idea that everyone has the right to equality because we are all part of humanity. Our paper focuses on this idea of social justice and argues that ‘social justice’ is not strictly a religious term. We suggest that while the U.S. doesn’t have the religious obligations the prophets talk about, our country does have an obligation to uphold social justice.

This suggestion brings up a couple of questions. Does the U.S. really have an obligation to help Haiti? Should we give aid to a country and expect nothing in return? How can we use the OT prophecy to justify helping or not helping Haiti and other underprivileged countries? Ultimately, is it bad if we don’t help them?

Like a couple of other groups, we had a few technical difficulties showing some of the videos in our presentation. Some of the videos will be posted here in the comment box.

Feel free to comment below about any questions you have or your personal answers to the questions we’ve posted.


About Brandon Nelson

Brandon is a sophomore Biochemistry major at the University of Kentucky. He likes to play soccer and guitar in his free time and one day hopes to be a pediatrician.
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2 Responses to Group 1: Social Justice

  1. suzimills says:

    Here is the link for the Pat Robinson video along with a short article.

  2. Ashley Lee says:

    A video questioning the effectiveness of military intervention in Haiti. This one is particularly focused on the UN involvement immediately following the Earthquake:

    also the following video is a news clip from immedeately after the earthquake when Haitians gathered in the street singing “mambo sa wa sa wa” which is an african tune that translates into ‘Things already better, things already better, when the Lord is on our side, things already better, things already better.”

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