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I am going into my senior year of college at the University of Kentucky this fall as a Chemistry major. I took a job as a photographer for a day camp over the summer. But I'm studying Thai culture abroad in Bangkok this fall. My life is random. My life is good.

Song of Solomon and Marriage: Links round up

“Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon pointing toward Damascus” EXCUSE ME? This video is of a pastor who is humorously describing the woman to which Solomon is singing to when he is “complimenting” her beauty. The words of song … Continue reading

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Let Justice Roll Down Like a Mighty Stream!

“Black people did not land on Plymouth Rock; that rock landed on us!” – James Cone James Cone, a fiery professor at Union Theological Seminary in New York, presented his talk on Theology, Justice, and the Old Testament at the … Continue reading

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Bromance. Why’s that so weird?

The story of David and Jonathan takes place in 1 Samuel 18-20. We, the audience, are introduced to this small story of a huge friendship amidst a much greater story about King Saul, his jealousy and greed against David, who … Continue reading

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On the Homosexual or Homosocial David and Jonathan…

The story of David and Jonathan is perhaps the closest, most controversial relationship between men in the history of the Old Testament, if not beyond. How is it that this one story has posed so many arguments and interpretations over … Continue reading

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Prospectus: David and Jonathan… Close and Not Gay?

1 Samuel 18-20 recounts the story and the relationship of David and Jonathan which has received much criticism over the relations dating back to early Christianity period. Yaron Peleg who works with the Classical and Semitics Department for George Washington University … Continue reading

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Creation then… Creation Again?

Genesis 1-25 takes its readers on a hundreds of years journey from the beginning of time up to Esau selling his birth right to his younger brother Jacob for a bowl of stew. As I read through the first 25 … Continue reading

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