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Ben Ward is sophomore at the University of Kentucky, majoring in Architecture and minoring in English.

Extra Credit: Let Justice Roll Down

Many others have basically summed up all of the observations and main points of the lecture. So, something I thought might be interesting to do while at the lectures, was to make a list of anything that any speakers mentioned … Continue reading

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A Literary Approach to Ruth and Esther

Tomorrow marks the end of our reading of the Old Testament as we approach the Books of both Ruth and Esther. While I will save a more general overview and reaction to many of the texts we have read and … Continue reading

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Technicalities of the Book of Job

As we continue reading through Job for next class, we will encounter a few new interesting moments found within the text. The majority of the speeches offer great insight into the general questions posed about evil and human suffering we … Continue reading

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Links Roundup: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

This past week while reading Ecclesiastes, we encountered one of the most popular Bible verses in the Old Testament, and a very personal favorite of mine. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 has always been a very reassuring section of poetry for generations of … Continue reading

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Group Prospectus: Natural and Humanistic Evil

The Book of Job provides a paradigmatic lens with which to consider the existence of both natural calamity and human atrocity through the occurrence of each within the story. Similar examples of each type of disaster in modern history are … Continue reading

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Rough Draft 1: War and the Old Testament

Some questions I would propose to my reviewers: 1. As I was writing, I felt as if my topic is a bit broad and might limit just how cohesive it is   as a whole. I have obviously spent a lot … Continue reading

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Prospectus: War and the Old Testament

To say that war occurs often in the Old Testament of the Bible would be a complete understatement. Not only does it just occur, but it occurs violently and seemingly without remorse against the enemies of Israel. This ruthless depiction … Continue reading

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