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Links Roundup: Hineni and its modern uses

Earlier in the semester, we talked about the word “Hineni” used by figures in the Hebrew Bible to say “Here I am”. There are two ways to say “I’m here” in Hebrew. The first is “poh”. This would be used … Continue reading

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Esther and Anti-Semitism

Esther, to me is one of those books of the Bible that shocks us with its contemporary relevance. One cannot help but be shocked at the similarities of the anti-semitism experienced by Mordecai and the anti-semitism that continued into the … Continue reading

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The Song of Songs and s-e-x.

I think this cartoon accurately shows some of the… chaos… shall we say? that is induced by the Song of Songs. For some reason, its hard for most people to believe that the Song of Songs is really about sex. … Continue reading

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Genesis and the Matriarchs. Yes, that’s an ‘M’

One usually thinks of the Bible as a story of the Patriarchs, as a male dominated document that places little to no importance on women. After all, women get off to a pretty rough start, being the first to bring … Continue reading

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