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What’s your theos when it comes to the challenge of the day? – Extra credit for Dr. Cone’s presentation

 It’s been so long since I’ve heard fearless passion describe blatant racial inequality between blacks and whites.  Dr. Cone’s honesty was inspiring even when answering a question said, “I’m not racist, I just don’t like you.”  He was referring to white … Continue reading

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Disobedience, Bad, Evil – Links Roundup

I live in the grey places.  The more certain someone is, the more I question their assertions.  I have concepts and codes that work for me, most of the time, but I have never been able to project anything on … Continue reading

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A Far Cry from Erotic Love

Song of Songs was thought to be a story of gods and goddesses as would have been reflective in Mesopotamia.  It was even thought to have been written by a woman.  But scholarship authority now tends to accept that it … Continue reading

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Social Justice in the Prophets (Group Prospectus)

The prophets of the Old Testament convey what many find to be an agenda for social justice. Throughout the prophetic works there are several instances of reproach on poor care of the underprivileged and maldistribution of wealth. 1) We will … Continue reading

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Job and The Problem of Evil

The Problem of Evil is a standard course topic in every philosophy of religion class.  Simply put, it is the atheists’ argument that the Judeo-Christian God cannot exist.  The Judeo-Christian God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent.  Evil could never exist under this … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Isaiah, Poetry, and Bloom

The similarities in the selected readings of Isaiah to Christ in the New Testament are undeniable.  Particularly in Isaiah 53, is says:      But he was wounded because of our sins,      Crushed because of our iniquities.      He bore … Continue reading

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Interpretations of the Garden of Eden

I’m proposing two main interpretations of the Garden of Eden story.  1.)  The only way for humanity to get off the ground was for Adam and Eve to get banished from the Garden; and 2.) God’s banishment was an act … Continue reading

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Accepting the Human Condition

Every human culture on the planet has developed a cosmology.  Is this a cultural need for any society to function?  Or is it a response to man’s need for answers to his questions.  Or is it an intrinsic need of … Continue reading

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