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Brandon is a sophomore Biochemistry major at the University of Kentucky. He likes to play soccer and guitar in his free time and one day hopes to be a pediatrician.

Group 1: Social Justice

The prophets of the OT often spoke of ‘social justice,’ the idea that everyone has the right to equality because we are all part of humanity. Our paper focuses on this idea of social justice and argues that ‘social justice’ … Continue reading

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Purim and How it Changes Everything

In class on Friday, we talked about the Book of Esther. As we discussed, the book has been seen as sort of a canonized justification for the Jewish holiday Purim.If we choose to accept this idea, then the Book of Esther is … Continue reading

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What it Means to Be Unclean

Here is my rough draft. Holiness in Leviticus Below are some questions I have for readers:

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Prospectus: The Universal Theme of Holiness and its Modern Significance

This post will refer to some of the things discussed in my blog post from last week about Holiness/Cleanliness in Leviticus ( The focus of my essay will concern the idea of Holiness presented in Leviticus. I hope to expand … Continue reading

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Allegory makes rules more… interesting…

In class Monday, we discussed some of the peculiar laws found in Leviticus. At first glance, it might seem that the majority of this book doesn’t really mean anything outside of existing as a list of religious rules to follow. … Continue reading

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