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The battle of the sexes

After talking in class today about social equality and gender equality I found it almost ironic when I was working today because I had a discussion about gender equality with my one of my clients. I work as a personal … Continue reading

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MLK seminar

When going to the seminar today I had no idea what to expect, and upon arriving I still wasnt quite sure what to expect. This seminar was to teach and recognize what had been done by Dr. King. Along with … Continue reading

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Job: The one to question God. Why do we suffer?

The biggest question for most religious people, or for anyone who knows of the bible is why does God let innocent suffer. Why do the people who try to be good and follow what has been said in the bible have … Continue reading

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Link round up: Psalms 139

Lately around campus there has been a lot of abortion awareness which is impossible to miss. I personally didn’t get involved in what was going on around campus nor did I ask any questions. The point I am making is … Continue reading

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Scared God

God the creator of all, the one who can do as he pleases, creates humans to take care of, but for what reason have we been created? Are we(Humans & creatures) here to keep God company or here to supply … Continue reading

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The scared God through Exodus

Throughout the first two books of the old testament God shows his control over the human, animals and world he has created. Yet throughout the first book of Genesis he doesn’t express himself much as a character even though he … Continue reading

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