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An Exodus in America

An Exodus in America While many people in today’s society are struggling due to economic downfalls, and overbearing governments filled with corruption, they often ask, “Why?” and many times never receive an answer.  Others look for answers by turning towards … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Last Pharaoh? Exodus and American Democracy

During the last few weeks that we have been reading Exodus, another ongoing revolution is occurring in present-day Egypt.  Egypt’s citizens have taken to the streets and rioted in demonstration against the rule of Prime Minister Hosni Mubarak, who has … Continue reading

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Exodus and Theodicy

One of the great scenes in the OT occurs in the beginning of Exodus (3:11-14), where God confronts Moses by a burning bush.  After some discussion between the two figures, God refuses to provide Moses with a name for himself, saying … Continue reading

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