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Some Translation Questions from the Creation Account

On Wednesday’s class, we spent some time talking about the translation of the Bible’s first sentence.  One of the first and most important scholars to take up the debate of translating Gen. 1:1 was E.A. Speiser.  In his Anchor Bible … Continue reading

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Many Different Readings of the Creation Narratives

As we turn to the first three chapters of Genesis, we see two different creation narratives, the work of two distinct theological perspectives we now know.  Marc Brettler interprets the J writer’s creation account (Genesis 2:4b-3:24) as a story about … Continue reading

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Creation then… Creation Again?

Genesis 1-25 takes its readers on a hundreds of years journey from the beginning of time up to Esau selling his birth right to his younger brother Jacob for a bowl of stew. As I read through the first 25 … Continue reading

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