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Let Justice Roll Down Like a Mighty Stream!

“Black people did not land on Plymouth Rock; that rock landed on us!” – James Cone James Cone, a fiery professor at Union Theological Seminary in New York, presented his talk on Theology, Justice, and the Old Testament at the … Continue reading

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On the Homosexual or Homosocial David and Jonathan…

The story of David and Jonathan is perhaps the closest, most controversial relationship between men in the history of the Old Testament, if not beyond. How is it that this one story has posed so many arguments and interpretations over … Continue reading

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Midterm Study Guide

On Friday, one week from today, we’ll have our midterm examination.  Everything we’ve covered in the class thus far is fair game, including what we’ve read and what we’ve discussed in class.  Remember, that to whom much is given, even more is … Continue reading

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Rebelling Has Its Consequences

The Book of Numbers is filled with lessons for any type of Believer: Here’s an interesting animated short on youtube, recounting the Book of Numbers (for those of you who don’t like to read.) Lesson#1 It’s made clear that God wants … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Reading the Old Testament as Literature

Here are a few of my notes on what it means to read the Old Testament as Literature. What Reading the Old Testament as Literature Is Reading the Old Testament as literature means that one reads the text critically. One … Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to Read the Old Testament as Literature?

When we come back to class on Friday, we’ll continue our discussion of what it means to read the Old Testament as literature.  Different ways of asking this question might be, “what does it mean to study the OT as … Continue reading

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Welcome to ENG 270 Old Testament as Literature

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Old Testament as Literature.  This blog will be the home base for our class discussions, writing, reflection, assignments, and communication to an outside audience.  Especially if you are new to blogging or don’t usually … Continue reading

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