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Job and Evil

Job is the quintessential example of Old Testament theodicy.  It is among the oldest parts of the Bible, and it asks questions that seem to occupy humans across cultures.  After reading examples from the text, consider the following questions.  Remember … Continue reading

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Amos and the Radical Redistribution of Society

Marc Brettler classifies the book of Amos as a work of classical prophecy, situated within the larger tradition of biblical prophecy in the OT.  The literary and rhetorical approach of OT prophecy differs drastically from “historical writings,” yet its themes … Continue reading

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Exodus and Theodicy

One of the great scenes in the OT occurs in the beginning of Exodus (3:11-14), where God confronts Moses by a burning bush.  After some discussion between the two figures, God refuses to provide Moses with a name for himself, saying … Continue reading

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